Calling himself a CBI officer, the youth snatched the chain and ring


– Threatened to kill

– Daylight attack in Surajpol

Bhuvanesh Pandya
Udaipur. This incident can be gauged by how strong the criminals are in the city. Here on Saturday afternoon, a man called himself a CBI officer, threatening the young man and snatched the gold chain and ring. A case was registered at Surajpol police station in this regard. Bhairulal Salvi’s son Khumanlal Salvi resident went to Surajpol to buy goods from North Sundarawas. Here around one o’clock in the afternoon, a person parked the motorcycle in front of his scooty. Then he told Salvi that he is a CBI officer, he showed the card and said that he would kill him if he gave him his gold chain and both rings. Out of fear, Salvi opened two toe chains and one and a half toe rings and gave them. The police have registered a case and started investigation. Threatened to kill, life in broad daylight at Surajpol.


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