Burglary in cooperative bank, six lakh rupees cash theft over | Burglary in cooperative bank, six lakh rupees Cash theft over


Digital Desk Direct. The Choro crossed the cash of more than six lakhs in the Churhat branch of the Central Cooperative Bank last night. Choro, who came to Nakavposh, made a long break with two feet in the wall. Choro has been able to cross the cash due to the key of the locker within the bank.
According to the information received, the thieves broke into the wall by entering the cooperative bank located in the middle market at around 10 pm. The incident of Choro breaking into and entering the bank has been captured in CCTV cameras. It is a different matter that thieves have not been identified due to masking. Nevertheless the incident is completely captured in the camera. It is said that the thieves who had entered the bank opened the locker with the keys kept in the bank and have crossed 6 lakh 36 thousand rupees. At present, the incident of breach in the cooperative bank has been stirred up. The biggest thing is how the key of the locker was left in the bank itself, due to which it has become easier for Choro to open the locker. Due to this negligence of employees, serious questions have arisen. The incident of burglary in the wall of the co-operative bank located in the beach market has also put the police in check. Apart from Churhat police, additional Superintendent of Police Anjulata Patle had also reached the spot on getting the information of the incident and with this the police has started investigating the case. Rapid efforts are being made to locate Choro.
Negligence encountered
Serious negligence of bank management and employees has come to light following the incident of burglary in cooperative bank. It is said that the bank locker has two keys, one key bank manager and the other key is with the cashier. But both the keys were carelessly left inside the bank. Often, due to negligence, the bank employees used to leave the key and as a result, the thieves committed the theft of 6 lakh 36 thousand easily.
They say
The theft has been done very viciously, so we have called Dog Scott and the special team of the fingerprint unit to investigate, and soon the thieves involved will be caught by the police.
Hitendra Nath Sharma Police Station Incharge, Churhat.


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