Britain: People will be intentionally corona infected, this is the main reason


London. The world is battling the Corona Epidemic and researchers and scientists are working day and night to find solutions to avoid it. Scientists are working towards making Corona Vaccine. At the same time, governments of all countries around the world have implemented certain rules such as wearing masks and following social distancing to avoid corona infection.

In contrast to all this, now preparations are being made to intentionally infect people in Britain. It is being told that thousands of people will be intentionally infected corona. The underlying reason behind this is the development of the corona vaccine.

CORONA VACCINE: Unhappy about the person who gave the first trial for the Corona vaccine

According to the information, the researchers will first infect people with corona and then do a vaccine trial (Corona Vaccine Trails). This will help the researcher to understand the nature of the virus and the effect of the vaccine. Thousands of volunteers are ready for this work.

Corona vaccine will be infected for trial

Human Challenge Trial Havivo’s parent Open Orphan PLC has said that many people have been negotiated for the trial of the Corona vaccine. Such trials can accelerate vaccine development and provide scientists with more accurate information about the disease.

Orphan PLC has stated that many questions regarding the epidemic remain unresolved, in such a situation that the participants will be put in danger, which is yet to be resolved. Alex Greer, a chemistry student at Durham University in northeast England, who joined volunteers, said: “There is not much information about the long-term consequences of Corona’s long-term and no need to pay attention to it.” But I think the potential success of the trial is more than a small risk to me. ‘

China’s biggest disclosure on Corona Vaccine, vaccine is not safe, people are falling ill

Seema Shah, an expert at the Lurie Children’s Hospital at Chicago and Northwestern University, says there is an uncertainty as to why some young and healthy people become severe after prolonged mild symptoms.
He said that it would indeed have to cross a line that was drawn to be morally acceptable for challenging studies. We still know a lot about the disease and are still learning a lot.



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