Brian Lara says Shabha Pant has “greatly improved his off-side play” Cricket News

West Indies batsman Brian Lara has been impressed by Shabhav Pant’s improved off-side play, which he believes will make his game another one in the coming days. In the ongoing IPL, 2-year-old Pant has achieved success for the capital of Delhi. He has scored 111 runs in five matches with a strike rate of around 1 runs0. “(Pant) Delhi is a great asset to the capitals, but today he has also improved a lot in his game. I am talking about his batting and the improvements he has made in that department,” Lara said on the star sports show ‘Cricket Live’.

Lara said Pantla understands that he’s just becoming a trick pony with side shots, something has changed.

“When (when he first came on the scene) those things were noticeable and he was obsessed with getting everything to the leg side. Also, look at his run (previous) scoring chart (s) and it’s a testament to that attraction he was on the side.

“I think he understands it’s not working and he’s gone and he’s working to improve his off-side play,” said Lara, a great player who has been performing on the cricket field.

Lara said Pant now has the ability to run all-around in the park.

“Now look at the changes he’s made. Now he has the ability to score on all parts of the field. His scoring charts look impressive, and yes, the bowlers are more concerned,” said the West Indies left. Hander


“He’s very balanced now and with extra cover, over points, points in front of him and his balance and his weight staying there, he’s thinking of scoring goals in areas he’s not used to scoring, he’s not falling short. Off to make shots on the leg side. -Go to the side.

“It’s a huge improvement that will help his all-round batting. I believe this young man has a long way to go, “said Lara.

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