Blessings of celebrating smooth Bastar Dussehra from Katchan-Raila Devi


Jagdalpur As per the princely tradition, at the Kachhanguri temple in Bastar Dussehra, Kachhan Devi allowed the organizing of Bastar Dussehra by offering flowers and offerings to members of the Bastar royal family, swinging in the thorns of the vine amidst the torrential rains on Friday night. Along with this, members of the royal family came to Golbazar to take blessings from Raila Devi. Where Raila Devi also offered blessings for the smooth Dussehra. Along with this, an invitation letter was sent to Dantewari’s mother Danteshwari-Mavli Devi and other deities of the region to join Bastar Dussehra.

Members of MP and Bastar Dussehra Committee President Deepak Badge, including Maharaja Kamalchandra Bhanjadeva and priest and Rajguru, Collector Rajat Bansal and members of various Bastar Dussehra Committee to celebrate the smooth Dussehra of Bastar Dussehra from Kachhandevi in ​​Bhangaram Chowk in the city According to the beliefs and traditions, the important ritual of Bastar Dussehra, the Kachangadi Puja Vidhan, was completed today in Ashchan Amavasya at Kachchanguri in Bhangaram Chowk.

Where the minor girl Anuradha, who has been fasting for nine days, was brought to the swing when she was riding with the thorns of a bell. Kachhandevi allowed the devotees, including members of the Raj family, to celebrate Bastar Dussehra festival by offering offerings and blessings. This world famous Dussehra festival organized in collaboration with various communities residing in Bastar is a unique example of Sarvadharma Sambhav. People of all castes have been included in this and their participation has been fixed.

Therefore Bastar Dussehra has been called the festival of people. For this mahaparva, the female child of Panka caste as Kachhandevi represents the best example of a sense of social unity and female honor by riding the goddess Parakachhan Devi. This time for the fifth consecutive year, 11-year-old Anuradha of village Marenga gave the blessings of Bastar Dussehra to celebrate the Bastar Dussehra festival and successfully concluded.

Kachin Devi in ​​Bastar region is called the goddess of Ran. Kachin Gadi means to provide a cushion or asana to Kachin Devi, which is made up of acacia thorns. Wearing black colored clothes and giving a symbolic message by keeping a hand in the chest of being prickly in life, being sedentary on the throne of a thorny swing. According to the belief, Kachin Devi also protects livestock and food-money.

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