Black pepper can be very beneficial in the Corona era! Know how

Desk. Black pepper used in hot spices has many benefits. Knowing which people can cure many of their diseases at home. The use of black pepper not only keeps you fit but also keeps you away from diseases like cough and cold. Know about its benefits ….

Black pepper

Eating black pepper gives you relief from cold and cough caused by cold weather, chewing 3-4 black peppers before bedtime and then drinking lukewarm milk provides relief in cold. Boil black pepper and betashe in water and drink, it cures cold and also lightens the mind. Apart from this, grinding black pepper mixed with honey and licking provides relief in cough and cold.

Mixing half a teaspoon of black pepper powder and one teaspoon of sugar candy with one cup of lukewarm milk three times a day is beneficial in cold and cold.

Black pepper

Licking black pepper powder with ghee or sugar in the morning and evening daily increases appetite and eliminates weakness.

-Chey-milk mixed with black pepper, drinking it cures chest pain. Consumption of black pepper with hot water in the morning increases immunity.
Mixing six grams of PC black pepper with gram jaggery or sugar and yogurt for five days in the morning and evening cures spoiled cold.

Black pepper

-If you have a common problem of boils or pimples on your body, then grind black pepper and apply it on the boiling area. This will give you a short rest

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