BJP woman president accused of making pornographic videos by a woman


– Woman meets complaint letter with SSP

– The city president said – The allegations of the woman are baseless

– BJP Municipal Officer had filed a report against the couple

Meerut The BJP city president overshadowed the compromise in the property dispute. The couple has made very serious allegations against the BJP Municipal Commissioner in the fight during the settlement. The BJP Municipal Commissioner has been accused by the woman of making pornographic videos of her taking bath and making it viral. The woman alleges that when she was bathing in the bathroom in the house, the BJP city president broke in and entered the bathroom. He made pornographic videos and tried to rape her.

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In fact, after the Mawana BJP city president lodged a report of a fatal attack on the couple, this episode has now taken a new turn. The accused woman was found by the SSP and handed over a complaint letter to the SSP, accusing the BJP city president and his accomplice of attempting to rape her by making pornographic videos and threatening to make it viral. While giving the complaint letter, the woman has told the whole thing to the SSP.

This was the case

BJP city president Govind Gupta lodged a report late on Sunday night accusing the husband and wife of assaulting them with sharp-edged weapons while negotiating a property dispute. The accused woman gave a complaint letter to SSP Ajay Sahni. It said that the BJP city president and his associates entered the house. Locked the children in the room. While breaking the bathroom door, he made a video of her while taking a bath and attempted rape.

The city president termed the allegations as baseless and said that he had gone for settlement in the property dispute. There, the woman attacked him with a fatal attack. Now she is making false accusations. Everything will become clear in the investigation. In this regard, District President Anuj Rathi says that the police should seriously investigate the whole episode, whoever is guilty should take the strongest action against them. Mawana SO Satish Kumar says that a report is registered against the couple accused in the murderous attack on the BJP city president. Appropriate action will be taken after investigation on the woman’s allegations.

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