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Bihar Election: All parties eye on votes of backward and backward castes, important role in forming government


new Delhi. Preparations for the Bihar Vidhan Sabha Chunav are going on loudly. Voting will be held in three phases in the state. The nomination process for the second phase is underway, while the first phase is undergoing intense publicity. All the parties have given full force to the assembly elections. At the same time, now the list of star campaigners is also being released. However, caste votes (Cast Vote) matter a lot in Bihar elections. Therefore, along with the issue of development, all parties are keeping an eye on caste votes. Because, caste vote matters a lot in forming a government.

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Caste equation in Bihar

Actually, there was a time when the upper castes dominated Bihar. However, the Savarnas still dominate the state today. But, backward dominance in politics. Whichever party forms the government, their role is very important. According to a report, half the population in the state is OBC. Apart from this, Muslims and Dalits are also in large numbers. The state has 15 per cent Yadavs. At the same time, the Koiri caste constitutes eight percent of the population. Kurmi’s population is four percent. However, 16 percent are Muslim. Talking of Musahar, their population is five percent in the state. Talking about the last election, a total of 61 Yadav candidates won. At the same time, 19 MLAs of Koiri caste had won. Whereas, 16 people were elected MLAs from Kurmi caste. At the same time, 24 Muslim candidates had won. But, no candidate from the Mushar caste could win.

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Party’s eye on caste vote

If it is about the caste vote, then the BJP, RJD and JDU have the upper hand. The role of these three parties is very important in forming the government. This year, the NDA pan-caste vote seems overwhelming. Experts say that according to the atmosphere at this time and the popularity of politicians, the caste equation is towards NDA. However, the RJD too has a distinct influence. Therefore, he can also be captured in the caste vote. In such a situation, it is the biggest challenge for all parties to secure caste votes, because whichever party has succeeded in this. The same party is to be formed in the state.



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