Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Second day of captaincy to make ‘Ami Tumi’ more difficult; Here’s the promo!


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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is going through its 5th week and indeed the show is on the right track. Due to the endurance of the contestants in the ongoing captaincy task ‘Ami Tumi’, it seems that the makers of the show leave no stone unturned to entertain the mini-screen audience.

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According to a recent promo, Divi, Avinash and Akhil Sarthak will perform their duties on the second day of the captaincy. Divya collects coins from a bathtub filled with a mixture of clay, Avinash is eating a banana through a native mask, and opponents are tested for patience after applying soap and other irritants on the eyes and face. Ariana and Tim Akhil are seen arguing with the director (umpire) of Sohail Task.

Abhinimit, Abhijeet, Lasya, Monal and Mehboob are from Ariana while Noel, Divi, Kumar Sai and Amma Rajshekhar are from Akhil. Both teams have been given the same amount of money. After each period, Big Boss will give deals to the teams and the first captain who will buzz the cancer will be given a chance to perform in this work. The team will lose coins with each successful challenge and will be declared the winner of the captaincy task with the least number of coins.

Well, to see what unfolds during the work and to see which contestant gets the chance to captain in the sixth week of the show, we need to provide information from today’s episode.

According to related notes, on the first day of the task, contestants Kumar Sai, Abhijeet, Harika, Lasya and Monal were working.

In Bigg Boss House, Monil is playing with the feelings of Akhil and Abhijeet, Sujata said.

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