Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Abijit shares idea of ​​an ideal woman, Sohail fails to create ‘Mako’ attraction


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Nagarjuna Akkineni show Bigg Boss Telugu 4The recent series featured some of the funniest moments of the contestants. For the ‘Night Out Party’ all the women housewives wore at night. But Abijit caught everyone’s attention and his honest answers impressed all the girls.


Apparently, he sat down with the women and complimented them. During an interesting conversation, Lasya asked Abijit to share his idea of ​​an ideal woman. He replied that honesty and level headaches are what he is looking for in his partner. Ariana made the conversation interesting by asking all the wives who would like to go on a date. At that question, Abijit quickly chose Ariana for it.

Apart from Ajit, Amma Rajshekhar danced for the girls when they were dancing. But the happy moment at the party happened with Sohail. He danced to the song and openly tried to ‘macho’ the charm on the women, but happily he failed.

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Everyone in the house danced to the fast dance numbers and enjoyed the moment. However, an earlier argument between Noel and Kumar Sai stalled the house. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Nagzurna Akkineni will solve the problem of the family members in the Sunday area. Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

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