Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Abhijeet and Akhil Sarthak try hard to discuss during nomination process


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In today’s series ‘Bigg Boss Telugu’, it seems that the mini-screen audience will get to watch high voltage drama. Abhijeet and Akhil Sarthak will be participating in the channel’s promo released by Star of Mom on their official Twitter handle. Week 5 Discussion during the nomination process.


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In the promo, Abhijeet, while nominating Akhil Sarthak, saw that he was getting cream on the latter’s face. Explaining the reason, Abhijeet says, “I know you’re confused, but now I know you’re lying too. You should stop harassing people with your glitter or fingers.” “Don’t show me the finger boy.” Abhijeet replies that this is what his friend always does.

Monal Gajjar, who had nothing to do with her, was seen bringing up the name in the all-meaningful debate. He says, “That’s what you do to Monal every time you talk to yourself.” Abhijeet wonders what to do with the way Akhil talks to her. Eventually, the emotional Monal saw the two announce that they should stop pulling her name in their argument. Anyway, fans of the show and followers of the show are looking forward to today’s episode, which will unveil the nominations this week.

Let us know that wild-card entrant Swati Dixit bid farewell to the show at the 4th elimination event. For Binbuda, she could only stay at home for a week. On the other hand, while interacting with host Nagarjuna, she was given the immunity to choose any of the contestants without taking part in the week’s captaincy work, for which she chose Amma Rajasekhara. According to sources, Kumar Sai Pampana is the current captain of the family.

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