Bigg Boss 14: Did Sara Gurpal go away for refusing to give Siddharth a lap dance?


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Elimination of Sara Gurpal from Big Boss 14 Not only disappointed audience but also Punjabi singers. They called her eviction inappropriate, and so did Sarah. There are various reasons for her leaving. Now Sarah has revealed the reason for her exit! The Punjabi singer feels that she has refused to give lap dance to Siddharth Shukla because maybe the reason for her going out!

Sarah reacts as she reacts

Sarah reacts as she reacts

It should be noted that during the nomination process, the Big Boss had given seniors the right to remove competitors. While Siddharth chose Sara, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan did not want Sara to come out. However, he agreed with Sid’s decision. Sarah has reacted to her now out. She told the Navbharat Times that she did the job well even after an eye injury, but refused to do so, saying she could not do lap dance on national television.

Why did Sara refuse to give lap dance to Siddharth Shukla?

Why did Sara refuse to give lap dance to Siddharth Shukla?

The portal quoted her as saying, “Despite being young, I am trying to play well, forgetting that you are talking about a task in which I was not comfortable. This is a show of character and personality, so my personality is like this. This is convenient. This is a show about character and personality and my personality is that I can’t do lap dance on national television. The audience must have decided that it is right or wrong). “

The singer says ...

The singer says …

The Punjabi singer said she got a full stop while she was running Big Boss And it was hard to keep up with no clothes to change into, but she didn’t mess up and play. She also said that not only did she do that but she has done the other two tasks given by Siddharth perfectly.

Sarah's injury

Sarah’s injury

Meanwhile, other reports said that Nikki Tamboli’s acrylic nail was seriously injured during the bulldozer task. Doctors tried to treat the injured but there was no improvement. Therefore, the injury was said to be the reason for her exit.

Although footage of Sara’s injury was edited from the show, photos of the singer’s injury went viral on social media and was supported by many friends in the Punjab entertainment industry.

There are rumors that she may have re-entered the house but there is no confirmation about that.

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