Bigg Boss 1 :: Why Salman Khan refused to be the top of the weekend Rubina Dilik’s school


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The latest part of Big Boss 14 It was started by Salman Khan Why the weekend This week will be Sunday and Monday. The actor then reimburses the audience for everything that happened in the house during the week.

Bigg Boss then chooses between household members Nikki Tamboli and Rubina Delic to choose who has the most waste in their brains. This annoys Rubina and she refuses to do it or be a part of tonight Why the weekend Saying she doesn’t have the right clothes to wear. All the housemates seem to be trying to persuade Rubina to change her mind, but she refuses to tell anyone who has brainwashing.

Big Boss 14

Salman Khan appears on the living room TV and tells Rubina that she is failing at home as she keeps asking questions about everything related to Bigg Boss, his looks and his rules. He further tries to convince her and remind her that she had ample opportunity to claim her belongings and enter the main house but she failed as she was unable to win any of the tasks she was given. She also tells Rubina that her competition is with the contestants, not the Big Boss.

Salman Khan informed that on various occasions people in the house have slapped her and Bigg Boss wanted the responsibility given to the athlete to prove them wrong. Seniors Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan also get into it and tell Rubina that she is in the wrong game if she has difficulty in the task herself.

Salman goes to school and asks why she should be at home if so many things are related Big Boss. He also mentions being in the wrong program. When Rubina says that she has been disrespected, Salman says that disrespect has not even started and people will be tested in different situations throughout the season. With an open mind, Salman ended his advice by telling Rubina to stay in the game.

Big Boss 14

Rubina then accepted the job, and most family friends named her Rubina for their own reasons. Salman then told Rubina Dilik that she played really well until she refused to play the task tonight. He also appreciates the performance of Jasmine Bhasin in her task against Nikki.

After this, host Salman Khan introduced the task of ‘Khatgara’ to the members of the house to resolve their differences. Ejaz Khan asks Rubina what exactly is wrong with her because she always wanted to treat him like a family but nothing happened as he imagined.

Rubina Dilaik replies that she thinks she has a dual personality and she is afraid of such people. Rubina said she saw this first hand in the first week’s task. Rubina also said that she thinks Ejaz is a person who will go against any relationship during her tenure. This was followed by a heated argument between Ejaz, Rubina and Abhinav.

After this, Jasmine called Ijaz as a gesture during the Mary Angne Mein task. Jasmine reveals that Ejaz crossed the line with the intention of upsetting her by making physical threats. Ejaz made it clear that he respects both women and men and was only mentally harassing her by making her work harder.

Salman Khan then addresses this week’s nominations and informs everyone that Shahzad Deol, Abhinav Shukla and Jan Kumar Sanu are the three contestants. He then added that the freshers have the power to evict one of them this week. Ask Salman to discuss with the contestants and answer him tomorrow.

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