Bigg Boss 1 Day 1 Highlights: Rahul loses his cool against Rahul, Rubina Nikki calls for a chance



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15th day Big Boss 14 Jasmine Bhasin told Shahzad Deol in a conversation that she has now started hating Nikki Tamboli. She goes on to say that Nikki has done well after taking the winning Confirmation Contestant tag and that she needs to be replaced.

Meanwhile, the whole house revolts against Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla over kitchen duties. Rubina seemed to remind them that cooking and chopping for 13 people is a big job for her. Senior Siddharth Shukla refused to entertain the couple’s point of view. Veteran Gauhar Khan concludes this mess with both the responsibility of cooking and cooking.

Big Boss 14

After that, Pavitra Punia interrupted her conversation with Rahul Kumar Sanu and lost her fight against Rahul Vaidya. The pair come into a shouting match and insult each other. While Pavitra asks Rahul to stop behaving like a ‘grandfather’ in the house, Rahul treats her stupid and weak.

Soon, Big Boss announced the first luxury budget task of the season. It is a musical juxtaposition between Rahul and Jaan and whoever is able to attract maximum audience (in-house) can be hindered in his luxury budget and he can share it with four other contestants of his choice. The mood of the house changes and everyone is seen peeping at the magical tunes of the two singers. Jan gets more in-house co-workers and they win the job. He informs Bigg Boss that he is sharing hampers with Nikki, Nishant Malkhani, Ejaz Khan and Shahzad.

Bigg Boss then asked the freshers to decide if Nicky was eligible to be a confirmed housemate. Nikki is given the opportunity to argue with her at home. Rahul is on the side of her confirmed quality. Jaan and Nishant say they have some issues with Nikki’s behavior but will vote in her favor as she is her friend.


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Rubina does not support Nikki because she thinks she is a great opportunist and does not deserve special status. Abhinav and Shahzad express similar sentiments. Jasmine then added that her competitors should not be allowed to stay in Bibi’s house.

However, Ejaz and Pavitra are favorable to Nikki. When the Big Boss makes the final decision on their behalf, the contestants disagree and appear to be discussing. With no answer, Bigg Boss announced that Nikki Tamboli would remain as a confirmed contestant.

After this task, senior Hina Khan hugged Rubina and complimented her saying that her speech was admirable and expressed her opinion by standing above the rest of the people. On the other hand, interacting with Nick and Jaan and Nishant shows that they turn a blind eye to you. She further said that she felt really bad when she heard her friends speak against her during her tenure.

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