Big problem – security guards did not get salary for two months, budget of home, cold stove


Case of security guards of SISPL Security Service Mumbai

Khandva. Naharu father Jogilal resident Hanwatiya, working at SISPL Security Service Mumbai for security in Singaji Thermal Project, told that 2 days ago while doing duty near the cooling tower, during that time my head was very painful and I got dizzy, after which I got My family members reached the Rakhd Dam to take it and brought it home. There is no money in the pocket. If the contractor calls, he says, get treatment in a government hospital. No petrol in the car, no money in the pocket, 3 months is over, salary is not received, how to get treatment. I have two children. They also go to school. It costs 50 rupees a day, where should I go for the expenses. Was working for the education of the children, but due to not getting the salary on time, all the dreams are seen to be burning. The grocer stopped lending. They are going through difficult times. This is the condition of the house of all colleagues.

In the project, the families of 86 security personnel of SISPL Security Service, Mumbai, who are working for the security of main gate and other places, have faced food crisis. The guards have not paid the salary of August and September. Due to this, the security soldiers are going through tough times. Due to their lack of hearing, half the soldiers are coming on duty. On being told that he comes from the surrounding village. They get tired on foot. There is a car, but where to get money for petrol due to non-payment of salary.

When the soldiers working in the security agency met at the main gate at 4 am, everyone protested and said that ever since this company started work here, the situation remains the same till date. We have no hearing. The company does not listen to the officer, such a company which is not able to pay on time even after doing duty, putting our lives at risk. The contract of such company should be canceled immediately. Payment for August, September was not received. October is also half past. How will we celebrate the festival, the children do not give any goods without education, 30 soldiers used to come every shift, now ten are coming.

Talked about their headquarters in Mumbai to provide security soldiers salaries. Notices have also been given. Till Tuesday, 2 months payment will be done by the company.
– KS Kusharam, Senior Security Officer Singaji Thermal Project

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