big news! 20-year-old Yahoo Groups decided to stop, soon transfer data to another account


new Delhi. Yahoo Groups has decided to discontinue it from December 15 due to the continuous decline on Yahoo for the last several years. Yahoo has been the largest message board system of its time on web pages, which is now going to be away from people.

The company explained the reason

Yahoo groups have attributed the fall to a continuous decline for several years. According to them, users want premium and reliable content. In such a situation it is also necessary to make some changes. Even though there is difficulty in making such decisions, but sometimes we have to take such difficult decisions in view of those products. Now we will focus on other areas of business.

Email will be safe

The company stated, “Even after the shutdown of this Yahoo Groups, emails sent and received by you will be safe in your email, but from October 12, you will no longer be able to create new groups. And after December 15, people will not be able to send or receive mail through Yahoo Groups. Its website will also not be available to you. However Yahoo Mail will continue to work as before.

Service was started in 2001

Please tell that in the year 2001 i.e. 19 years ago Yahoo Groups started their service but it could not get the response that Google Groups and Facebook Groups got. American wireless communications service provider Verizon bought Yahoo’s internet business in 2017 for $ 4.8 billion.


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