Big changes going on from LPG cylinder from November 1, know who will get a discount


new Delhi. A big change is going to happen on LPG cylinder from next month. Now customers will need one-time password for LPG cylinder. Oil companies are implementing this new system so that cases of theft of gas cylinders can be dealt with and delivery to the right customer. This new system will be known as the delivery authentication code.

Delivery will not happen without code
Under this new system, delivery of gas cylinders will not be complete until a code is shown to the delivery through the customer. This code will be sent to the registered mobile number of the customers.

However, if there is a customer who has not updated the mobile number to the distributor, then the delivery boy will have an app through which you will be able to update your number in real time and then generate it.

It is necessary to update the address with the gas agency
In addition, customers will also have to pay attention that if their address is not updated with the gas agency, then get it updated. However, the oil companies have also said about this system that there will be no need for DAC for commercial LPG cylinders.

According to the information, earlier in July, the price of 14 kg LPG cylinder was increased by Rs 4. At the same time, 14.2 kg non-subsidized LPG cylinder in Delhi became expensive by Rs 11.50 during June. Whereas, it was cheaper by Rs 162.50 in May.

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