Biden gets more TV viewers than Trump in Town Hall program | Biden gets more TV viewers than Trump in Town Hall program


Washington, October 17 (IANS). Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s Town Hall, held on ABC News, was watched by 14.1 million, or 14 million viewers. According to new data, it surpassed President Donald Trump’s town hall rating on NBC News.

According to reports from the news agency Xinhua, Friday’s data from Nielsen Media Research showed that Trump’s ceremony was broadcast on NBC and its MSBC and CNBC cable channels at the same time last night. This was viewed by 13.5 million people or 1.35 crore people in total.

The CNN report said such results were not expected for the TV business.

Before the town hall competition, it was widely expected that Trump would score well in the Nielsen ratings. This is because Biden’s town hall was to air only on ABC, while Trump’s town hall was also to air on NBC and its two cable channels.

Nielsen ratings include the viewership of all channels and cable channels, as well as the number of viewers connected to those via Internet TV and the number of viewers outside the home, such as bars, restaurants.

Town halls of both candidates were live-streamed via phones, computers and other devices.

Explain that Trump and Biden were originally scheduled to have a debate in Miami on Thursday, but were canceled. The commission, which held the presidential debate, decided to hold it virtually on October 1 after Trump’s corona was infected, but it was rescinded.

The final presidential debate is now scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.



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