Beheading in Paris: The reaction of Swara Bhaskar, Kangana Ranaut and others to this incident



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A history teacher discussing cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad with students was found scattered in a French street on Friday. A police officer revealed that the suspect had fired shots. The horrific incident took place in the city of Ergni, in the region of Val Desois, northwest of Paris.

Swara Bhaskar, Kangana Ranaut and others reacted to the incident of a head in Paris

Many celebrities in Bollywood took to Twitter to express their shock over the incident. Kangana Ranaut, who is very outspoken about social injustice, questioned intolerance in the West. She writes, “As a teacher is beheaded for a career, we can only imagine what the invaders might have done to their people at the time of their attack. Wandering? “

Meanwhile, Swara Bhaskar has strongly condemned the incident. She said she was shocked and amazed to read about it. Her tweet read, “Anger! What a monster to let people do these barbaric things. Speak without pushing. If you think your Lord wants to kill in His name – start yourself with your EFFIN ‘SELF!

Check out some more tweets,

Notably, French President Emmanuel Macron has called the beheading of a teacher in the north-western suburbs of Paris an “Islamic terrorist attack.” Terrorists will not divide France and his government has promised immediate and decisive action to combat extremism.

He said, “One of our fellow citizens was killed today because he was teaching students freedom of expression. It is the teacher who created this terrorist to destroy the republic … destroyed the possibility of making our children free citizens.”

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Laughing at Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Death of Democracy’ statement, netizens called on Swara Bhaskar.


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