Before sending the child in the coronary, definitely know the opinion of the expert


– Increasing screen time is destroying children’s creativity

By: pushpesh

Published: 18 Oct 2020, 11:51 PM IST

Jaipur. Hybrid learning is starting in many countries. Parents are still skeptical about sending children to school. American parenting teacher Meghan Leahy was asked a question by a woman, which she answered.

questions : From this month my little girl will go to school for hybrid learning. I know that school is good for him, but also fear, because the rate of infection is still worrying. What should I do? I have more work, so already she is going to the day care center.

answer : This is the dilemma of many families. Whether you send for hybrid learning or school, no one knows what is the right decision. You have also taken the risk by sending it to day care. However, they follow security protocols and take full care. Some things should be noted. We know that children are not feeling well by not going to school. Increasing screen time is not only preventing them from correct learning, but is also causing behavioral problems. Because children in primary classes are used to learning from the teacher in sports. The screen blunts their curiosity and creativity. Lucy McBride, who is treating Kovid-19 patients, says that it is not wrong for children to go to school if schools follow all protocols to avoid risk. Such as putting on masks, six-foot intervals between children in the classroom, frequent hand washing, regular checkups and infection-free procedures. Going to school will improve their social and emotional health and will not affect the job of parents.

Ask important things from school
Ask the school management about the arrangements to deal with the transition. Are all parents informed or not? If for some reason, there is a need to close the school again, is the preparation to start virtual learning or day care again?

Take care of yourself as well as others
You can only assess how safe it is to send to school. If someone is infected in your home or you see mild symptoms, then do not send the child to school, because this is putting the lives of other children in danger. Therefore, keep in mind the Kovid history of the family. It depends on two things, one, how much risk are you willing to take? Second, how is the infection and recovery rate in that area?

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