Bank robbery plan made by watching videos and movies on internet, haste made a mistake

Sikar. Kishore Saini caught in Canara bank robbery had been planning a bank robbery for 5 months. He was watching videos of bank robbery on internet and TV for the last 5 months.

By: Sachin

Updated: 10 Oct 2020, 10:08 AM IST

Sikar. Kishore Saini caught in Canara bank robbery had been planning a bank robbery for 5 months. He was watching videos of bank robbery on internet and TV for the last 5 months. She also watched many movies of Bankloot incidents on TV. The idea of ​​handing over the employees during the bank robbery came from watching the film. He had also bought a weapon in April by planning a bank robbery. He himself brought arms from Uttar Pradesh for 25 thousand rupees. For two days, he used to roam in Uttar Pradesh to buy weapons. He did not find cartridges for the pistol after much searching. So he came to the bank with an empty pistol. At present, the Udyognagar police has produced him in court and taken him on three days remand. Udyognagar Police Officer Pawan Kumar Choubey told that Kishore Saini’s son Shankarlal Saini resident Marutinagar Jaipur Road alone came on foot to rob the bank. He was in the bank for several days and was racking. The bank employees used to recognize him as he came to the bank. The teenager entered the bank to rob the bank with a cloth and a piece of cloth. He single-handedly tied all the staff back to the wire and laid them down. He gets a little nervous when Vijay, a bank employee, runs out. After this, leaving the bag in panic, he ran out of the bank. He also hid his pistol in pants. At present, the police is questioning him about the incident. Police also questioned bank employees on Friday about the incident. The police also searched CCTV footage installed in the bank.

Left the mobile at home
During investigation, it was found that Kishore Saini had not even taken his mobile with him. He is very vicious and went to the bank with complete planning. After being robbed, he did not carry the mobile due to being caught by the mobile network. He told that the police get the call based on the details and location of the mobile. So he came leaving the mobile in the room. He relaxed after robbing the bank Used to come home The police is combing his mobile. Many videos have also been found in his mobile.

The robber was worried due to debt
Investigation revealed that the bank robber Kishore Saini had a debt of about Rs 11 lakh. The bank was also running a loan. At the same time, his father also has cancer. For this reason, he was troubled by debts. Earlier he used to buy and sell old cars in the car market. He later went to work in an automobile showroom. He has two children. He did not even bring any vehicle due to absconding after the robbery.

For statement of Dr. Saharan, relative of bank manager
Police called Dr. Mahesh Saharan of Nohar in Hanumangarh and recorded the statement after questioning. During investigation, he told that Suman is his sister-in-law and was transferred a few months ago. He had a toothache. Then the bank manager called for the medicine. Suddenly the voice stopped during the conversation. Then there came a sound that everyone should come out of the cabin and sit here. How many rupees are in the bank. Who is the cashier Bring the key Dr. Saharan told that when heard that tie the hand of the cashier behind, lie down. He then sensed the robbery incident in the bank. Then he called the police and informed. The policemen also responded immediately and reached the bank.



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