Ayushman Khurana talks about generalizing forbidden topics from his films



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Ayushman Khurana has made a name for himself in Hindi cinema. From a film about a sperm donor (Wiki donor(Which orients the caste system)Article 15), Ayushman has dared to do what other artists would be tempted to move away from.

In a recent interview, Ayushman revealed how he tried to normalize taboo conversations through his films.

Generalization of Prohibited Subjects through Ayushman On Films

“I am trying to normalize forbidden conversations in India through my movies. You will notice this from my very first movie (Wiki donor“Through my selected films, I have tried to engage in constructive dialogue with the society about the need for change,” he told Hindustan Times.

He further said, “I have always been convinced that through cinema we can ask the society to pay attention to important issues which are not important to the society. We are a shy country, we are still there, and there is beauty in it. I’m happiest about Kelly. “

Ayushman’s blockbuster 2018 movie Congratulations, Celebrates the second anniversary of its release. Ayushman said the film about a couple who got pregnant in the 50’s got so much love and is indicative of the society’s desire to normalize the forbidden subject.

“It’s the biggest proof of their love that they want to normalize deep-seated issues in our society and it’s the biggest certification for me as an artist.” Congratulations, I tried to normalize our parents’ sexual desires and there is nothing wrong with that. The storyline was rare for Bollywood but it was necessary, he said.

After that, Ayushman will be seen in Abhishek Kapoor’s film starring Vani Kapoor in a cross-functional lete thalit.

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