Ashnoor Kaur reveals why she and Shahir Sheikh have not met in 10 years!


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Shahir Sheikh and Ashnoor Kaur worked together MahabharaT. Shahir played the role of Arjuna, while Ashnoor appeared in the role of young Dushala. While doing the show, the couple clicked together, which was hitting Facebook. Post shows, they haven’t met or spoken. Finally, ten years after the shooting, Ashnoor visited Shahir and said earlier that it was an emotional moment.

“It was an emotional moment for me and Shahir Bhai. After that we were not in touch due to our work commitment,” Telechakkar quoted Ashnoor as saying.

Ashnoor Kaur explains why she and Shahir Sheikh have not met for 10 years!

Regarding how the two met, the actress said, “We were shooting in the same compound for which I was shooting. Patiala Babes And he was there Dastan-e-Ishq – Salim Anarkali. Sonarika Bhadoria was also there and she told me that Shahir is there. “

The Patiala Babes The actress also said that they had not spoken to each other in 10 years so they were very overwhelmed to see each other. Ashnoor further said that Shahir had come to his vanity room and he chatted with her mother and had fun for a while. She added that it was an emotional moment for both of them.

After Mahabharata, Shahir started doing some popular shows Dastan-e-Ishq, Even some colors of love And These relationships are of love So Ashnoor was inside What is this relationship called? And Patiala Babes. Shahir will be seen in a music video which has a bright light.

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