Arjun Kapoor resumes shooting after recovering from Kovid-1 From: I feel like a boy in a candy store.


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After recovering from the novel Coronavirus, Arjun Kapoor has resumed shooting for his next film. The film stars Rakul Preet Singh in the lead role. The title of the film starring Kashvi Nair Helm has not been decided by the producers yet.

Arjun shared photos of several groups on his Instagram page and wrote, “I am back in my happy place.” In one picture, the actor is all smiling while interacting with the film team. In the second picture, Arjun is in work mode.


Talking about how it feels good to be back on the sets, Hindustan Times told Arjun, “I feel so good to be back on the set! The sets were my home until I realized. When I was not an actor, I was still on the set of VW and inspiration. Diseases (epidemics) all over the country hit you hard, and I didn’t feel my own fight against the virus on set. But now I’ve tested the negativity. Coronavirus, I’m happy to be back where I am. “

Arjun, who has a busy schedule ahead of him, said that when he got back on set, he felt like a little boy in a candy store.

“A lot of shoots have been made for me and I’m looking forward to soaking up all the energy. Coming back to the set today makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I miss communicating with the creative mind, learning in my craft and getting better. So when I come back Really very curious! ”Taloid quoted the actor.

Earlier, after recovering from Kovid-1, the actor wrote a letter in which he thanked his fans for their good wishes and told his fans not to move lightly with the deadly virus and to wear masks regularly.

Meanwhile, Arjun Kapoor’s actress-girlfriend Malaika Arora, who tested positive for Kovid-1 for, has been freed from the virus and is back on the set of her reality show. India’s best dancer.

Speaking of Arjun Kapoor’s upcoming projects, she will be seen with Rakul Preet yet in a movie of the same title. Sandeep and Pink abscond And Ghost Police.

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