/Anoop Jalota reveals why he will not marry Jasleen; Dr. Talks about her break-up with the actor

Anoop Jalota reveals why he will not marry Jasleen; Dr. Talks about her break-up with the actor


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Recently, Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Jasleen Matharu has shared a wedding photo with Anup Jalota, which surprised many. Some of them even congratulated the couple. However, the fact is that this picture was of his upcoming film This is my studentIt is directed by Jasleen’s father Kesar Matharu. There was a lot of excitement in the wedding picture and when Anup Jalota was asked about it, he clarified that it is the picture in his picture. When asked if Jasleen would have been married, say 35 years old, he made an amazing statement! Jasleen and Dr. Bhajan Samrat. Also told about Abhinit Gupta’s breakup.

Anoop's reply to congratulatory messages!

Anoop’s reply to congratulatory messages!

Regarding the viral wedding picture, Anoop said that he has been getting many messages from his phone about marrying Jasleen. He said, “I wish them all the best.”

Anoop says

Anoop says

Asked if they would send the wrong signals, he smiled and said, “What can I say about people who believe in forward messages and speak in the wrong way about what appears online? Jasleen and I are clearly asking if everyone is married.” Otherwise I’m telling them a clear ‘no’. “

Will Anoop get married if Jasleen is 35 years old?

Will Anoop get married if Jasleen is 35 years old?

Whenever she was asked, if he marries Jasleen, if he is 35 years old, say, “Not at all. I would not have married her. Her modern and elegant dressing would not have been appreciated in my family. Culture. We are those dhoti-kurta people.” Who sings devotional songs. How could Jasleen’s avatar have matched him? “

Anup On Jasleen's Break-Up With Dr Abhinit

Anup On Jasleen’s Break-Up With Dr Abhinit

It has to be noted that Jasleen was ready for marriage and Anupane her and Dr. Bhopal doctor. Kamadeva was played by Abhinit Gupta. Unfortunately, the match did not go well and the couple broke up. Anoop said about it that their horoscopes do not match so it does not work.

Was Jasleen heartbroken after the break-up?

Was Jasleen heartbroken after the break-up?

Asked if Jasleen is heartbroken because of her love for the doctor, the veteran actor said that Jasleen was relieved to some extent and when he spoke to her on the phone, she was fine.

Anoop explains

Anoop explains

When asked if Bhajan Singer would have been a little more cautious and could not have tried to create a match to create questions, Dr. Asked if Gupta is fighting a divorce with his wife, he clarified that Dr. Jasleen is right about that aspect of Gupta. .

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