An exercise to bring the hollow cluster project to the ground


Jind Public Health Department officials led by Jind BJP MLA Dr. Krishna Middha on Monday inspected the land for the cluster project in Khokhari village. During this period, Superintendent Engineer Rajendra Jangra of Public Health Department and Executive Engineer Sanjay Sharma and other officers of the department were present.

On the suggestion of the MLA, the officials of the department are planning to make water available to this village by making two separate clusters. In one cluster, a cluster of Amherdi Ahirka, Jhanj Kalan, Jhanj Khurd, Badodi village will be formed, while the other cluster will have villages including Dalamwala, Khokhari, Bohatwala, Habatpur deserted. After seeing the land in Khokhari, now the officials of the department will make an estimate and send it to the headquarters. The project will then be finalized.

It is worth noting that MLA Dr. Krishna Middha sought the answer from the Haryana Government through the question of whether the fact that villages falling under Jind assembly constituency are Dalmwala, Bohatwala, Khokhari, Habatpur, Niranjan, Mandokheri, Pindara, Amarhedi, Ahirka, Jhanjhakala, Jhanj Khurd, Barodi etc. There is a severe lack of drinking water in the village and the water supplied is very high in the amount of TDS and fluoride in the underground water.

While the MLA is a member of the Subject Committee of Public Health, Irrigation, Power and PWD Department in the Haryana Legislative Assembly, the MLA, while addressing the meeting from the Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Public Health, addressed the problem of drinking water in these villages. Known answers. As a result, the administration and public health department is exploring possibilities to provide drinking water based on canal water to these villages. In this episode, on Monday, officials led by the MLA visited.

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