America: Hurricane delta hits coast of Louisiana and Florida, lightning strikes in 3.5 million homes


Washington The United States, which is most affected by Corona Epidemic, is also facing natural disaster. Hurricane Delta has been knocked again in the United States, which has been facing many dangerous storms recently. The Hurricane delta coast in Louisiana and Florida, USA.

Three people including two elderly people have died in this disaster. At the same time, electricity of about three and a half lakh houses in both the areas has been electrocuted. The entire city is plunged into darkness. Let it be said that this is the second hurricane in the last six weeks, which has hit the coast of Louisiana.

Hurricane hanna causes havoc in America, strong winds blowing at 145Kmph, heavy rains

The Meteorological Department has said that due to Hurricane Delta, winds are blowing in the area at a speed of 155 km per hour. A warning has been issued to people not to leave the house without any work. The Louisiana Department of Health has confirmed two deaths due to this hurricane.

The department has stated that two elders were among those who died. One of them is 86 years old, while the other is a woman of 70 years. It is said that both of them died due to fire in the house. happened.



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