amazing- the scene of fierce war between two deer will be stunned


Farmers intercepted, but a deer lost its life

Burhanpur. A deer was killed in a fight between two deer at a farm in Daryapur. The farmers also made a video watching the deer fight among themselves. At the same time, a deer died due to suffocation due to a drip pipe stuck in the throat.

The farmers rescued the middle and drove the other deer towards the forest. Police and forest department team were called after informing. Forest staff made a panchnama on the spot and the deer carcass was sent to the PM. Deer cremated in the forest in the late evening. Bodli Ranger Ramdas Kasde said that at 10 am on Tuesday, a deer was reported to have died in a mutual fight between two deer in the farm of Qayyum father Rasid Khan and Shankar Mahajan, farmers of Daryapur.

After the deer was lying dead in the field, after sending the forest staff to the spot, the Panchnama was made after examining the site of the incident. The age of the deer is said to be 4 years. The post-mortem of the deer body was cremated in the forest in the late evening.

Primarily mutual fighting: According to the forest officer, during the first sight check, the deer have died due to mutual fighting, because the farmers who came to the farm in the morning saw the deer fighting among themselves, the farmer fought two deer. Has also made a video of In the video, the deer fight among themselves and the drip pipe is seen in the sing and neck. Forest officials will arrive at the Daryapur event on Wednesday and take stock.

More than 50 deer near Daryapur
There is a herd of more than 50 deer together in the forest near Daryapur in the Bodarli forest range. There are factions inside the deer as well, if any other group deer is seen then there is a fight between the deer. Deer has also seen deer in the fields and around before.

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