Amazing courage in the daughter of the city: every day new life is blowing in corona patients, getting respect

Doctor put life in unconscious Kovid patient, civil surgeon said – Proud of you, city doctor daughter Har Dina showing amazing courage, giving new life to Corona positive patients, collector honored

Harvest Corona virus has spread panic all over the world. Most people in Unlock are also scared of it and almost imprisoned in their homes. But to save people from this epidemic, doctors and nurses are risking their lives and treating patients for 24 hours. The daughter of one such city is setting an example in the service of the suffering humanity every day. The sudden health of a patient admitted in the district Kovid ward deteriorated. The oxygen label was completely reduced and stunned. As soon as the nursing staff was aware, immediately reported to Dr. Amrin Naaz (MBBS), who was treating the patients in the Kovid ward. The doctor immediately rushed to the ward. The situation was very delicate when I saw the patient. Immediately started ventilator by giving oxygen. Increased oxygen by opening ward windows, doors, ventilation. By turning on the cooler, the temperature of the body was balanced. He corrected it by giving medicines. When he regained consciousness, after spending about an hour, he made him out of danger and made the patient feel that everyone is with you. No need to panic. When civil surgeon Dr. Yashwant Verma came to know about this, he praised the staff and told the doctor Dr. Amrin Naaz, Proud of you. Now that patient is completely healthy. In this way, Azad Chowk resident physician Amrin Naz is engaged in human services in the care of dozens of patients every day.

This is a doctor’s routine
Dr. Amrin Naaz told in a special conversation with the magazine that Kovid is on duty in the ward. Regularly inspects the Kovid ward in a PPE kit daily at 11 am. One-to-one talks to patients here. Know the well being of the patients. What a problem The patients give medicines according to the kind of discomfort they tell. Medicines for chronic diseases give medicines on new problems. The nursing staff has been given a number to contact immediately whenever anyone has any problem. Follow-up of patients throughout the day.

Collector has been honored
Dr. Naaz said that he had vowed to follow the medical profession and said that for me, service is more to the suffering humanity than caste and religion. The main purpose of my life is to defeat the suffering of the people. He said that Chirayu brought Corona training from the Medical College. There are also students there. After expressing his wish, he talked to the civil surgeon and gave his name to treat the corona patients and took training. Let us know that Collector Shasibhushan Singh has been honored by giving a citation on 15 August for better work.



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