ajab gajab, the deadliest mushroom in the world mysteriously emerged in australia | Wonderful: This is the most poisonous mushroom in the world, which if eaten away, you will get sick just by touching

Digital desk. Mushrooms are considered the best source of protein and fiber. Due to its antioxidant properties, it is placed in the category of superfood. It is a type of fungus (fungus) that grows on rotten organic matter on its own during rainy days. However, it is also true that not all types of mushrooms are eaten, some mushrooms are also poisonous. Researchers have detected a species of dangerous and poisonous mushroom, which can be sick only by touching it.

This poisonous red fungus is found in Australia. However, earlier experts believed that this fungus only occurs in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. But this fungus is also found in Queensland, Australia. According to media reports, many people have died in Japan and South Korea due to this poisonous fungus. He died after drinking it after considering it an edible fungus used in traditional medicine, mixed with tea.

According to scientists, this fungus is so poisonous that organisms fail after eating it. Human organs stop functioning and brain is also harmed. Not only this, touching the fungus can cause swelling in the body. According to James Cook University (JCU) researchers, this is the only fungus whose venom can be absorbed through the skin. This poisonous fungus named Podostroma cornu-dama was first discovered in China in the year 1895. According to the latest report, the fungus has also been observed in Indonesia and New Papua Guinea.

According to a report, Doctor Barrett reported that mushrooms are not much preferred in Australia. This is the reason that till now this poisonous fungus was not detected. According to a report, more than 20 such fungi species have been identified in Australia in the past six months, which were unseen.


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