Afghanistan: US army attacks Taliban bases, 20 terrorists killed


Kabul. Talks are ongoing between the Afghan government and the Taliban on the restoration of peace in Afghanistan. Earlier in February, there was an important agreement between America-Taliban. Amidst all this, the action of the American Army against the terrorists is going on. In this series, the US military has conducted several airstrikes on Taliban bases in Helmand province. 20 terrorists were killed in this attack.

Giving information, the American spokesman said that this US spokesman said that these attacks have not violated the agreement between the US-Taliban in February. He said that this attack is not going to affect the agreement.

Afghanistan: Suicide attack on a military post in the southern part of the country, 9 people killed in the blast

The US spokesman said that the Taliban should immediately stop the aggressive attitude and stop the incidents of violence across the country. If this is not done, then the US military will continue to help the Afghan army in this way and the hideout of the terrorists will be targeted.

Taliban carried out several attacks in a week

The US spokesman said that in the past one week, Taliban fighters have carried out several attacks. US airstrikes were carried out only after firing incidents in Lashkargah, the capital of Helmand province. He said that in the past few attacks on the Taliban destroyed several bridges on the main road. Right now all the highways are closed.

Afghanistan: 35 militants, including Taliban commander killed in large army action

Let us know that earlier also the Afghan Air Force carried out airstrikes targeting several Taliban targets in Helmand province itself. 20 terrorists were killed in this attack. Apart from this, a local deputy governor was also arrested.

The governor office of Helmand had issued a statement that the Afghan Air Force targeted the Taliban hideout in Naw-e-Barkazai district. 20 terrorists were killed in this attack. At the same time, the National Security Directorate caught the deputy governor of Taliban. There was not much response from the Taliban regarding this attack.



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