Advantages and disadvantages of AI as well, highlights of PM Modi’s speech in RAISE 2020

new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ( pm modi on raise 2020) said on Monday that the government wants India to become a global hub of artificial intelligence. He pointed out that the new National Education Policy of India (NEP 2020) aims at the focus of education on technology-based learning and skilling.

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Inaugurating the five-day global online summit Responsible AI for Social Empowerment or RAISE 2020 based on artificial intelligence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted how the use of AI will empower India and also warn against losses.

In June, India, along with Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and others, formed the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) for the use and responsible development of AI.

Know the highlights of PM Modi’s speech during this time:

  • When we discuss AI, we have no doubt that human creativity and human emotions remain our greatest strengths. These are our unique advantages over machines.
  • It is our collective responsibility to ensure trust in how AI is used. Algorithmic transparency is important for establishing this trust.
  • We should protect the world against making weapons to non-state actors i.e. AI for countries outside the organization.
  • Artificial intelligence can be used to strengthen our disaster management systems.
  • AI will have a greater role in creating the next generation of urban infrastructure and in agriculture.

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  • The National Educational Technology Forum is being formed. It will create an e-education unit to promote digital infrastructure, digital content and capacity.
  • We launched the ‘Responsible AI for Youth’ program in April this year. More than 11,000 students from schools completed the basic curriculum under this program. They are now building their AI projects.
  • India has recently adopted the National Education Policy 2020. It focuses on technology-based learning and skills as a major part of education. The e-curriculum will also be developed in various regional languages ​​and dialects.
  • We want India to become a global hub of AI. Many Indians are already working on it. I hope to do many more things in the coming times.
  • AI’s teamwork with humans can do wonders for our planet.
  • In India, we have experienced that technology improves transparency and service delivery.



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