Aditya Narayan says that when Shweta first fell in love with him, whenever she saw him connected to her family


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Singer Aditya Narayan will tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend Shweta Agarwal on December 1. In a recent conversation with an entertainment portal, Aditya revealed how his and Shweta’s love blossomed.

Speaking about his first date, Aditya told Times Now, “Actually no one can call it my first date, the date of reality, because at that time we went to shoot our film. I asked her to hang out with me and lunch, this was not the way to set a date. In fact, she even denied me in that case. “


He added, “Then, my mother told her that since you are both doing a movie, you should eat together. So we went to a restaurant called 5 Spice in Oshiwara and 30-year-old Vo Muh Phulake was sitting. For a few minutes it was as if she was not interested in life. Please be kind to me. “

Aditya further revealed that at first, Shweta did not like Aditya because she thought he was a woman, but she liked him for the first time when he was reunited with his family.

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Aditya shared, “When our film was over, I remember my cousin approaching. He had come to see me in Kolkata. I vividly remember her liking when she saw me bonding with my family members, so she realized I was a family man and the relationship was different for me. Because she has heard bad things about me that the main ladkiyan ghumata tha (chuckles). So I found her understanding. “

In the same interview, Aditya also shared that when Shweta first heard him sing live, she fell in love with her voice.

We can’t wait to get our hands on Aditya and Shweta’s wedding pictures.


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