Acharya Pathak replaces Kajal Agarwal: What is the truth?


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Who is Gautam Kichlu? Find out all about Kajal Agarwal’s fianc!

Popular actress Kajal Agarwal recently stunned her fans and followers by announcing her marriage to businessman Gautam Kichlu. But soon after the marriage was announced, rumors of Kajal Agarwal’s replacement surfaced Acharya, The upcoming Chiranjeevi starrer, started making headlines on social media platforms.

According to rumors, the announcement of the actress’ marriage came as a shock to Acharya’s producers. Because Kajal Agarwal is getting married on October 30, 2020 and the shooting of Chiranjeevi Starrer is likely to start in the first week of November 2020. Grapes suggests that the team is considering replacing Kajal, as she may not be. Able to join the shooting immediately after the wedding. The afarmill also mentions that the actress has not yet shot for the project, which makes it easier for her to take her place.


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However, close sources Acharya Kajal Agarwal has confirmed that Chiranjeevi is a part of Starrer. According to sources, the producers are not worried about the marital status of their leading lady and are eager to work with her. So, it is certain that Kajal Agarwal will not be replaced in the project unless he decides to step out on his own.

But, the actress has already made it clear that she intends to continue her career and has no plans to follow the usual tradition of retiring from post-wedding films. For Kajal Agarwal’s fans who were disappointed by the rumors of revenge, the confirmation from Acharya’s producers was a great consolation. If things go according to plan, the movie will start on the expected date. An official announcement is expected soon.

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