900 More than 900 people cheat Rs 250 crore by promising a big return


A 47-year-old woman was arrested from South Goa on charges of robbing 900 people Police on Monday said it had recovered Rs 2,250 crore after promising a large return on investment in the app-based taxi company.

According to a police complaint lodged in 201, the woman and her business partners Saroj Mahapatra, Rajesh Mahato, Sundar Bhati and Harish Bhati cheated the public by promising them a higher interest rate of up to 200 per cent on a monthly basis for their investment in the company. Hello Taxi ‘.

Police said more than 900 people have invested in the firm. The company has four associate directors and they fled with the woman, taking approximately the money 250 crores.

“During the investigation, it was found that the directors of the company urged the victims to actively coerce them under the pretext of making large returns by investing in Hello Taxi Company,” said Police Commissioner O.P. Mishra said.

Initially, investors were given returns to win their confidence, but then they stopped paying after recovering large sums, he said.

The accused also frequently changed their offices. Initially the company had its office at Ghaziabad and a few months later it was shifted to Patparganj Industrial Area and later to Sector-16 at Rohini.

The company’s bank statement was scrutinized and contained bank accounts 3,27,48,495 were frozen.

Sixty new car prices In Noida, Rs 3.5 crore was seized from fraudulent money, police said.

The woman, whose identity was not disclosed by the police, was arrested from South Goa. Mahato, one of the four co-directors of the company, was arrested on August 23.

Efforts are underway to apprehend his accomplices, police said.

This story has been published from the Wire Agency feed without altering the text. Only the caption has been changed.

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