7-year-old nephew of Unnao gang-rape victim missing for 12 days, family of accused sent to jail, demanding CBI probe


  • Police has sent 5 people including the family members of the accused to burn the gang rape victim in this case
  • Even in the 10-day questioning, the police have not found any clue about the innocent yet
  • The family members of the accused say they have been falsely implicated, demanding a CBI inquiry

Unnao. The nephew of the gang-rape victim, who was burnt alive on December 5, 2019, in Bihar police station area of ​​Unnao district of UP has been missing for the last 12 days, but the police have not been able to find any clue. The accused sent to jail in this case have questioned the police action and demanded a CBI inquiry. They allege that the accused were sent to jail without any proof. Meanwhile, on behalf of the victim’s sister, the family members of the accused have claimed to have been involved in the incident with the rape victim behind the disappearance of the child. While filing a case against five people.

According to the sister of the gang-rape victim, her seven-year-old nephew Raja has been missing since the evening of 2/3 October. The family alleges that the family of the accused are involved in the incident in the case of burning the gang rape victim alive. A kidnapping case has been registered against his Tahrir, the mother of the main accused Shivam Trivedi, Sarej, Bua Anita, relatives and five people from the village in this case. In this incident, the family members of the accused of the incident with the rape victim were told to be involved. The police registered a case against Saroj Trivedi, aunt of Shivam Trivedi, aunt Anuya Trivedi, relatives Captar Vajpayee and Harshit Vajpayee as well as neighbor Sundara Lodh, named in the case of burning the gangrape victim alive on the basis of Tehriar. sent.

Now the family of the accused is questioning the police action. The family of the accused reached the office of SP Anand Kulkarni, pleading for justice and questioned the accused sending the accused to jail without giving an application in his office there. They accused them of being falsely implicated by the relatives of the missing children. On the other hand, SP Unnao Anand Kulkarni has taken over the reins of the case to be high profile. 14 teams have been pressed in search of the innocent. Although no clue has been found in the police so far in interrogation of the people including the five accused. CO Bighapur has said in a statement to the media that the police teams are searching, so far no clue has been found of the innocent. All the accused have been sent to jail.



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