60-70 polluting power plants to be shut down in two years: Javadekar


new Delhi. Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar performed the mass media on Sunday. In an initiative to directly connect the general public in the ongoing war against pollution, he also sought suggestions from the public during Facebook Live and answered many questions. Giving information about all the steps taken by the Modi government to eradicate pollution, he said that 60 to 70 power plants causing pollution in the country will be identified and closed in the next two years. While the power plants of Badarpur and Sonipat in Delhi-NCR have already been closed.

Union Minister Javadekar said that there are five-six major causes of pollution in the country. These include traffic, industry, garbage, dust, stubble and geography. Describing the steps taken by the Modi government, Javadekar said that a big step has been taken towards promoting BS VI fuel at a cost of Rs 62 thousand crore. The use of Bharat Stage 6 (BS VI) fuel has reduced pollution by 25 to 60 per cent.

During this, Javadekar also informed about efforts to get rid of pollution problem in the capital Delhi through public transport services. He told that where 25 to 30 lakh people used to travel by metro train in Delhi-NCR in the year 2014, today this number has increased to 45 to 50 lakh. This is a big achievement because about four lakh vehicles were prevented from running on the metro.

He further said that the problem of 60 thousand polluting vehicles passing through Delhi without the need for starting Eastern-Western Peripheral Expressway has also been eliminated. Now metro and e-buses facilities are being extended in all cities.

Javadekar said that the problem was already there, but in 2015, the Modi government introduced the National Air Quality Index for the first time. From the year 2016, air quality testing and data collection was started. In 2016, where there were 250 days of bad air in a year, today it has come down to 180. This means that there is an increase in 70 days of good air. Now, six months of pollution remains, including 40 days of burning straw, while six months is no longer pollution.

The Union Minister further said that the real cause of pollution in Delhi-NCR is also the geography problem here. In Delhi, the problem of pollution is more when the wind is not running and the pollution gets blown out due to the strong wind.

Javadekar said that the Modi government also framed new rules for construction and demolition management in the year 2016 for the prevention of pollution in Delhi. As far as industries are concerned, we have started polluting power plant phaseout program not in Delhi but across the country. This will result in the closure of 60 to 70 power plants within the next two years. This is the first such extensive program and the plants at Badarpur and Sonipat in Delhi-NCR have also been closed.



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