3000 rupees coming to the account of this scheme of Modi government ?, know the truth

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new Delhi. A video is being shared extensively on social media about the Prime Minister Manadhan Yojana of Modi government. In the YouTube video, it is being claimed that the central government is giving cash amount of 3000 rupees per month in the accounts of all under the Pradhan Mantri Manadhan Yojana. Let us tell you that people are being cheated by making many fake news viral about the Modi government’s schemes on social media amid Corona crisis.

PIB Fact Check told the truth

PIB has brought out the truth of viral video of giving cash amount of 3000 rupees per month to everyone’s accounts under Pradhan Mantri Mandhan Yojana. The Government’s Press Information Bureau, ie PIB, checks the fake news and facts circulating on social media. When the team of PIB Fact Check investigated this viral video, it was found that this claim is fake. The central government is not paying 3000 rupees per month under any such scheme.

Know what is the Pradhan Mantri Maandhan Yojana

PM Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana has been started by the government in the year 2019. Under this scheme, people working in unorganized sectors are given pension from the government. Any person in the country, who is between 18 and 40 years old, can join this scheme. After the age of 60, the person applying in the scheme will get a pension of 3 thousand rupees per month i.e. 36 thousand rupees annually.

Under the scheme, the contribution that the beneficiary makes every month, the more the government mixes in it. That is, if your contribution is 100 rupees then the government will also add 100 rupees to it. If you are 18 years old, then by investing only 55 rupees every month, you can arrange a pension of 3 thousand rupees for yourself.

Anybody between the age of 18 to 40 can participate under PM Kisan Maandhan Yojana. According to the Ministry of Labor and Employment, more than 45 lakh people have been connected through this scheme so far. The income of the unorganized sector laborer should not exceed Rs 15,000 for the scheme. Also, it has not taken advantage of any other pension scheme of the Central Government already.

Only 2 rupees to be saved daily

If someone joins this scheme at the age of 18, then he has to deposit 55 rupees every month till the age of 60 years. The amount will be around 2 rupees per day. However, when you are older, you have to deposit some more money.

Get registered like this

To register for Pradhan Mantri Shramayogi Maandhan Pension Yojana, you will have to visit the nearby Common Service Center (CSC) Center. After this, information about Aadhar card and savings account or Jan Dhan account will be given with the IFSC code. Can show passbook, checkbook or bank statement as proof. You can also register a nominee at the time of opening the account. Once your details are entered in the computer, the information of monthly contribution will be received automatically. After this you have to make your initial contribution in the form of cash. After this your account will open and you will get the Shram Yogi Card. You can get information about this scheme on 1800 267 6888 toll free number.


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