21 corona infection cases reported, the total figure was 2140, 26 deaths from corona so far

Kathua Cases of corona infection in Kathua district have increased the concern of the people of Kathua. The constantly increasing data in the district is also worrying for the Jammu division. Here on the one hand the cases of corona are increasing day by day, on the other hand people are taking increasing cases lightly. In Kathua markets, crowds are gathering like normal days, people have forgotten to follow social distance now, even when many people are not using masks while going out. On the other hand, Sunday was less than the rest of the days, till evening there have been 21 new cases of corona infection in Kathua.

At the same time, the happiness is that the recovery rate in district Kathua is also increasing rapidly. In a single day, 81 people recovered and went home, while the total number of people recovering has reached 1781. There are a total of 2140 cases in Kathua now, out of which 81 have gone home from Corona Positive to Negative and the total figure for those who are now recovering is 1781. At the same time, 333 corona cases in district Kathua are still positive and a total of 26 people have died from corona.

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