18-year-old murderer of Chichen origin claims identity of teacher’s neck bearer in Paris


Paris In Paris, the capital of France, there have been major news reports about the identity of the suspect who strangled a history teacher showing the cartoon of Prophet Mohammad (Caricatures of Islam Prophet Muhammad) to the students. It is being told that the suspected attacker is a resident of Teenager of Chechen origin.

Media reports state that the 18-year-old suspected attacker is of Chechen origin. This claim has been made on the basis of information received from judicial sources in France. However, the identity of the attacker has not been revealed by the police administration yet.

France: The teacher showing the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed strangled, President Macron calls ‘Islamic terrorist attack’

Police officials have said that the suspected assailant was shot dead by the police, leading to his death. The investigation of this case has been started as a terrorist attack. Four other people have been arrested and are being questioned by the French police over the incident.

President Macron called the incident an Islamic terrorist attack

Explain that France’s President Emmanuel Macron has strongly condemned this attack and called it an Islamic terrorist attack. Rashtriya Macron visited Conflance-Sainte-HonorĂ©n Middle School a few hours after the incident of beheading a history teacher in the northwest suburb of Eragany, Paris.

He strongly condemned the incident and promised the citizens of the country to take swift and concrete action to deal with extremists. President Macron said that one of our citizens was killed today, because he was teaching students the meaning of freedom of expression.

France: Mohammed Saheb’s controversial cartoon will be printed again, Sharley Abdo said – We will never bow down

Here, Home Minister Gerald Durmin tweeted that he himself is keeping an eye on the incident and is in touch with the President and Prime Minister. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blancier condemned the attack and termed it a hate crime. They said that they are with the victim’s family.


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