17 child prisoners absconded after hitting security personnel in Hisar


Hisar. Late Monday evening 17 child prisoners escaped after assaulting Sur Ksh employees from the Observation Home on Chandigarh Road in the city. The police has blocked the entire area and the search operation is on. It is being told that most of the escaped child prisoners are from Rohtak and Jhajjar district. About one and a half dozen child prisoners escaped from the Observation Home on Chandigarh Road in the city. Out of these, 8 child prisoners are said to be accused in the murder case. It is being told that regular work was going on in the Observation Home every day. At lunch time, 17 child prisoners suddenly started assaulting the security staff of Observation Home. The child prisoners escaped by dodging the security personnel before the security personnel could get some rest. The news of the escape of so many child prisoners from the Observation Home at the same time swelled the hands of security personnel and police administration. The entire staff swung into action and they were started by getting Bt prisoners escaped.

Superintendent of Police Balwan Singh Rana, taking the incident of child prisoners absconding, instructed the police of the entire district to be vigilant and find them immediately. The Superintendent of Police instructed that every movement of vehicles should be checked by imposing as many police as possible and the youths between the ages of 17 to 19 should be properly investigated. He has also instructed that every suspect should be detained and identified at Observation Home.

He instructed every unit in-charge to appoint his entire force for checking the roads in his area. He has instructed every DSP, SHO, Incharge and Chauri in-charge to investigate and check the suspects. The police search operation continued till late night but the child prisoners who escaped were not found until the news was written. This is not the first incident of child prisoners escaping from Hissar. Earlier in the year 2017 too, about half a dozen children escaped from the same observation house, which was apprehended at intervals of two-three days while a prisoner was apprehended after two-three months.

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