13-year-old son of transport businessman kidnapped and asks for ransom of 2 crore | 13-year-old son of transport businessman kidnapped and asks for ransom of 2 crore


Sensation spread in Dhanwantari Nagar area, went to grocery store from home
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The kidnappers were demanding a ransom of 2 crore after kidnapping the 13-year-old son of a transport businessman living in Dhanwantari Nagar area. The kidnappers had threatened to call the child’s parents that they would kill the child if they told anyone or asked for help from the police. Police officers and family are refusing to say anything in this matter.
According to sources, the 13-year-old boy came out of the house to get some goods from the grocery store around 6 pm. He did not return after that. About half an hour later, a call came on the child’s mother’s mobile and the caller talked about kidnapping their child. After that the second call was made to the child’s father. Calling hijackers demanded Rs 2 crore for the child’s safe return. At the same time, he threatened that it would be difficult for the child to return safely if anyone found something. The family of the kidnapped boy was in panic for some time. On the other hand, upon knowing about the incident, police officers reached the spot and efforts were made to locate the child.
Fears of transaction dispute – According to experts, there was transport business in the past and for some time they started doing mining blasting etc. At the same time, people said that during the transport business, there was some dispute regarding the transaction of lakhs with someone. Police is trying to recover the child by collecting information on the basis of every angle and mobile number.


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